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TroTro Diaries and Impact Sync win Catalyst Grant

TroTro Diaries and Impact Sync have been selected as one of the 3 winners in Africa for the Catalyst Grant.

The grant is a partnership between IREX and D-Prize, a non-profit organisation that works to distribute and scale proven technologies to benefit people in extreme poverty. Three winners were selected to receive grants to pilot a new initiative to catalyse change and distribute a proven poverty intervention wherever extreme poverty exists.

Impact Sync, in collaboration with TroTro Diaries, won with the Kasa For Safety campaign which is a proven sticker model to reduce reckless driving and road traffic crashes by empowering passengers to speak up. This innovative approach leverages community engagement and strategic partnerships to promote sustainable and safe cities.

Impact Sync’s Three-Phase Approach:

1.⁠ ⁠Community Engagement: using a design thinking approach to engage commuters in the TroTro Diaries community to co-create messages that will resonate with them.

2. Message Adaptation: adapting the messages into sticker formats that will be placed in trotros.

3.⁠ ⁠Distribution: Stickers will be distributed in trotros (mini buses) across Accra via transport operator unions like the GPRTU and insurance companies.

Impact Sync’s strategic partnership with TroTro Diaries is a key element of this initiative. TroTro Diaries, known for its extensive network and influence within the transport operators unions and the largest public transportation community in Ghana, provides crucial access and support for the distribution model. This partnership ensures that the campaign reaches a broad audience effectively.

The cooperation between Impact Sync and TroTro Diaries is a groundbreaking initiative that will significantly enhance road safety and reduce traffic incidents in Ghana.


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