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As a grassroots community our goal is to use our virtual communities to help build sustainable cities. Our focus  areas which contribute to the SDG goals are: 

- Youth Empowerment,

- Digital Inclusion

- Environmental Sustainability

- Road Safety

TroTro Diaries AI Challenge

Through this challenge, we introduced members of our community to AI by challenging them to re-imagine how their trotro stations (bus stops) should look like. Over 500 members learnt how to use AI tools.


Entrepreneurs Community

Following over 1,000 young entrepreneurs registering for our TroTro Diaries Business Database, we launched the Entrepreneurs Community to create the platform for experienced entrepreneurs in our community to mentor new entrepreneurs within the community.

entrepreneurs talk-4.jpg

iCommit Initiative

This is an environmental sustainability initiative that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative challenges members of our community to take a commitment not to litter and become an advocate after taking this commitment.

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