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How I got lucky

So yesterday around 7pm, I was at Bojo beach while it rained heavily.

Tried ordering for a car buh none of the drivers were willing to come, at that point all hope was lost till I saw a taxi coming in with people in it.

I kept wondering why people would want to come to the beach at that time when they were closing.🤷🏽 Only to realise I had seen those faces earlier. Still wondering why they'll come back or probably they left something 🤔. Once they got down, I just did the sign of the cross cause I know I had just seen my saviour, I got in the car only to notice how pissed the driver was .

Apparently, the driver picked the people up at Bojo beach and charged 60gh to Choice buh upon getting to Barrier and seeing othe traffic, the driver refused to continue because of the traffic and asked the people to alight at Barrier. The people got angry and got in an argument with the driver and diceded not to pay if the driver won't take them to their destination and that, even Bolt was taking 32gh.

The argument got so bad, the driver just diceded to drive them back to the beach🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Truthfully, I felt sorry for both parties buh then again, I was very happy that happened cause I got a ride home 😊😊

All things work together for the good of those of who loves God ❤️

(Shared by Joey Kevelyn Brocke on TroTro Diaries group)

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