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Ghanaians Lament Over Recent Hikes in TroTro Fares

Updated: May 7

In recent weeks, commuters across Ghana have found themselves grappling with an unexpected challenge: a wave of transport fare hikes sweeping through the nation’s public transportation system. The sudden increase in fares has left many travelers feeling bewildered and financially strained, prompting widespread discussion and debate over the factors driving this surge in costs.

This follows what commercial drivers say are delays by the Ghana Private Road Transport Union, the Ministry of Transport and other stakeholders to announce new fares despite several meetings while the price of fuel and other inputs rise virtually daily.

Some pictures shared on the TroTro Diaries platfrom on Facebook show that various transport stations have increased its fares for passengers moving to Madina, New Town, 37 Military Hospital, Adenta, Botwe, Dodowa, Oyarifa and others.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Thursday, Mr Kwaku Ofori Asiamah the minister for transport stated that, there is the need for consensus to address the confusion.“I won’t sit idly by and watch drivers lose their jobs, nor will he tolerate passengers suffering. I think there should be a good regulatory system in place to prevent decisions that could lead to chaos” he said.

The root causes of the fare hikes are multifaceted, with several interrelated factors contributing to the upward pressure on transportation prices. Chief among these is the rising cost of fuel, which has steadily climbed in response to global market trends and domestic economic pressures. As fuel prices soar, tro-tro and taxi operators are faced with mounting expenses, compelling them to adjust their fares to offset operational costs and maintain profitability.

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