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Ghanaian social media influencer Nana Tea advises Ghanaians to stop littering

In a recent social media post, Ghanaian influencer Nana Tea delivered a powerful message urging Ghanaians to put an end to littering. With a heartfelt plea, he emphasized the importance of cleanliness, stating, "Nothing will make you throw rubbish here. Clean and serene ❤️❤️❤️we can implement the same in our country ❤️❤️ let’s stop littering."

Nana Tea's words struck a chord with many, prompting a discussion among netizens. One commenter pointed out , the lack of dustbins in public areas as a contributing factor to increased littering. They expressed, "How many dustbins 🗑 do you see around when walking in Accra? The system has created room for more indiscipline in our country. The local assemblies are only interested in taking tax from the ordinary Ghanaian. Put dustbins 🗑 in public areas and people will adopt cleanliness."

Conversely, another commenter shared a positive observation, noting, "There are some places like this in Ghana... U can't even throw rubbish." This comment highlighted areas in Ghana where cleanliness is prioritized, showcasing the potential for a litter-free environment when the right infrastructure and attitudes are in place.

The dialogue sparked by Nana Tea's post underscores the pressing need for collective action to address the issue of littering in Ghana. It serves as a reminder for individuals to take responsibility for maintaining a clean environment and for authorities to provide the necessary resources to support this endeavor.

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