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Female rider rewards driver for his exceptional service

I ordered a car to church this morning and this really nice gentleman called to enquire for my location and destination, then said he’s on his way.

After I hanged up, I said to myself “that’s a well mannered person” from the way he spoke.

We were at a red light when a guy selling wipers asked if he’d like to purchase. He politely declined and I’m not sure what he said after that but I saw the guy smiling.

Few seconds later, the guy moved to the vehicle in front then came back to ours.

I noticed my driver giving him something and the guy with a huge but surprised grin saying “wow, thank you so much. God bless you.” I looked further to see he had given the guy money without buying the wipers.

Just then we moved and I couldn’t help but smile. Such a kind gesture early in the morning.
We accidentally passed my destination and when I prompted him, he smiled and said “don’t worry, I’ll turn around”.

I paid my fare, asked him to keep the change which covers what he gave the wiper guy plus extra, and quickly hopped out in fear of him saying no. There are still good people around and this driver proved it.

If you happen to pick him (he’s called Richard Okute), you’re in for a delightful ride! #ttdtaleteller

Shared by Afua Dwamena on the TroTro Diaries Facebook group.

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