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You won't believe what was feasting on me in a trotro today

Updated: May 20

On my way to Church today, I noticed everyone was not in this troski enti I entered and almost all the seat were like you see in the photo.

Luckily for Papa driver, when we got to Mallam Junction, come and see how people were fighting to enter the troski, me I was getting certain bites, I thought it was mosquitos.  

Ah, on the way almost every passenger was complaining of mosquitoes bites nanso they could not see any mosquito la  eiii asem ben nie, one bite my six mi ludu area.

Approaching First light, one woman used her palm to hit her leg area and saw one huge mpruka(bedbug) eiii asem aba, come and see insults.

The troski was infested with bed bugs, almost everywhere oo, with their headquarters in this foam seats. I had to take Okada home and burn my clothes.

Please beware when you board troskis with this kinda seats, medaase.


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