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Two scammers scams a scamming woman

Two guys chartered my taxi from Adum and ordered me to take them to Santase still in Kumasi.. I was the one driving but they were trying to control my movements.For example,pass here,dodge this road,use this side and be smart.. I became soon suspicious and quickly started to see them as criminals.

I told them I was a town boy and knows the corners corners ɛnti they should patiently watch me as I drive them to the exact place they wanted to be and maybe few minutes after their scheduled time sake of traffic.

Boys calmed down and were now looking like prisoners already. I thought within myself and said these guys must be searched. We continued the rounds and I came out with a suggestion to pass through the Kath emergency route so they agreed but the security man at the gate refused that we went to use the soldier's gate. Guys looked confused so I charged them up and said we should use the other gate as suggested by the Gateman.

Now we got to the soldiers gate and I saw a soldier that I know very well so I shouted his name and pretended as if it's been long that I saw him so lemme go shake his hand but with a different intention. Here, I smartly reported to him that those 2guys behaved as if they were "armedless robbers" 😂😂😂. Verily verily, when he, together with another soldier interrogated them, these were the kind of papers found in their bag..(fake papers) not money mpo, just that they had the Ghc50 inscriptions on them

When the heat got hotter, they confessed of haven duped a woman at Adum of her CFA. which when converted into Ghana Cedis, will amount to "Ghc4000" 40million...the soldier was off duty so we moved to where they claim the woman was met and behold, she was still narrating her story to a grown up man there, see them in the picture with the smile signs..

Everything was done silently that much people didn't here of it until the woman started saying the guys must be put in cells and given years to serve according to the number of fake papers "currencies" they gave her in exchange for her CFA.she came from Tajik roots a suburb of Cote D'voire to buy some items from the Central Market oooo(she is a trader)

In fact, the situation was handled calmly that they ended up being reported to one of the toughest custody's here in kumasi, not even near Adum... The most painful part of it was that, these guys gave their ages as (21 & 19years).... Meanwhile, I have closed for the day

The woman is now behaving as if they stole her (fish head) inside her soup.. Don't know if she will sleep at the police station too. Me deɛ, I'm going home, will call to find out what's next later..........

Scammers, scammers scammers..... Today, you are for the police wai

(Shared by Kofi A Clement on TroTro Diaries group)

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