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Trotro mate mafias passenger who gave him 200 Cedi note

Another usual Saturday. The trotro was calm till one woman joined us at McCarthy. She was heading to Sakaman. She gave the mate a 200 Cedi note to deduct her fare and give her change.

Mate: Madam wahy3da anaa?? Aha ne aha yia na wama me 2 million no?

(Madam is this a joke, 200 cedis note for this short distance)?

Woman: Ad3n 3ny3 sika? Te wode3 firi mu na fa me nsesa mame

(Is it not money, deduct your fare and give me my change).

Mate: Menni

(I don't have change).

Woman: 3y3 was3de3 s3 wob3p3 nsesa ama me.

(It is your responsibility to get me change).

Mate: Saaa? Gets down at Mallam market and returns with a bag of coins and gives the woman coins nkoaaa 196 Ghana cedis.

Me: Asem mp3 nipa. Nipa n3p3 neho asem. Weytin concern me? Lemme take a selfie. 3ne3 kr3!

(Story by Veronica Napoleon, TroTro Diaries Facebook group)


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