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Member celebrates graduation after almost dying in accident

On 30th March, 2024, I was traveling to Akosombo and our bus had a gory accident. I was at the front seat, right beside the driver and another gentleman. Our bus solemnly hit a parked truck at Shai Hills. Heart-wrenchingly, the gentleman right beside me died on the spot. I survived with the driver and the other passengers. I had a cut from my nose to the upper lip and a solemn clavicle fracture.

Literally a month ago, I nearly died, I was in excruciating pain, but today I have been able to graduate at the University of Cape Coast with a Bachelor in Educational Psychology. I am totally speechless, I want all and sundry to join me give thanks and praises to God for his mercies and blessings. A month ago, he saved my life and has showered me with blessings and honour today. Words cannot aptly describe my gratitude and elation. I’m forever grateful to you Jehovah. May your name be praised eternally.

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