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I sent a hawker back to School

I was in a Yango on my way home. I tried buying water from a hawker when we got to Lapaz traffic light. The hawker who come to me to sell her water looked very young and should be home sleeping to wake early to be able to go to school because it was a Sunday at 9pm. I made my Yango driver end the trip and I alighted. I wanted to know what was keeping her on the street at that time.

I asked her wouldn’t she go to school tomorrow, She said no ....she said she completed JHS in the northern parts of Ghana and the SHS she was posted to was also in the norther part of Ghana but for some reasons, she is not going back to the North anytime soon. I asked her if she would love to go to school and also asked where her guardian was. She responded positively to the going to school and took me to her auntie who was also hawking at the other side of the road.

I told the guardian of me wishing to help her find a school here in Accra. She said she would be very grateful if I could do that for them. I called the head of department of my former school who is now the vice principal of the school. I told him of how I would like him to help me by admitting the young girl to his school.He said admissions were closed, but he-advised me to come over to the school and talk to the Principal.

I went to the school to meet the Principal.Upon getting to the school, she( principal) said the Vice Principal has said everything on my behalf so I should bring her for the necessary administrative work for her to be admitted. I went to the street to meet her and her Auntie to inform them about the good news.

They were very excited and thanked me very much. I want to say a very big thank you to Fiifi Sam for the financial support, Mr Wetse Odjidja the Vice Principal of Sacred Heart Technical Institute and everyone involved. May God bless us all

(Shared by Bubuashie Kevinhart on TroTro Diaries group)

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