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I met an old mate and it drove me to tears

Updated: Jun 6

This mate looked familia so i stopped him to board.

After watching him closely, i noticed it was my old school mate (Agormanya R/C) identity withheld.

He declined my money. "Oh Dave but u know i can't take ur money" he said

I then asked, in a low voice, na how come u ended up here??

Almost with a teary eyes, he said: chale long story oo my parents died after we completed JSS and everything went wrong, I passed very well But there was nobody to support me. 🥺


Fast forward: because he needed to cater for his other siblings and him, he has to be a conductor (mate) after trying almost every job on the street to put food on the table.

"Not saying being a mate is bad BUT looking at his intelligence and smartness, this guy should've reach a certain pedestal.

He was such a brilliant student. One of the top notch then. He was loved by everybody both teachers and students.

They elected him prefect in form one as "office boy" When we got to form 3, he was elected again as school prefect without any competitor.

Because of his intelligence, he participated in an interschool quiz competition at Ritz FM and we won.

This guy was a God sent that everybody knew his future.

Unfortunately, years down, it was shattered.

All I could do, is to pray for him. Yes I did But we all know prayer isn't enough.

I pray we find our destiny helpers before this year ends. 🙏🏾

(Shared by Capsule Jarrod on TroTro Diaries group)

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