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He helped a visually impaired lady and this happened

Was in a 37 Trotro heading to work when we got stopped at Mambo by a gentleman and a woman whom I believe was partially blind. I presumed they will both join the Trotro but it turned out the gentleman only came to escort her.

He helped her to sit by me, said goodbye and left. My curiosity made me ask where she was going to which she replied Awoshie, but will alight at lapaz first and then cross to the other side and pick a car there.

I asked if she can cross on her own and she was like oh the mate will help me do that, and then asked where I was going and I said 37.

She alighted in front of Papaye but the mate was busy getting people to board the car till we began to drive off. I told the driver to stop for me to alight, got to her and held her hand.

She asked who is this and I said it's me. I thought you said you are going to 37 and I said don't worry let's cross the street. As I helped her to get an Awoshie car she asked my name and said may God bless you.

I went to pick a different 37 car to continue my journey. I got to work and out of nowhere a lady decided to dash me this money.

(Story shared by Bubuashie Kevin Hart on TroTro Diaries facebook Group)

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