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I did not steal to eat, drink, wear, or for any other reason but I think I should do this for someone. I think my fellow brethren in this community would love this.

These girls chartered my car from PARAKU ESTATE (Kumasi) to the VIP terminal just 1 hour ago. They had come to visit a certain man(guy). Seems they are based in Accra and have been sleeping at the guys place for a couple of days now.

One of them seems to be dating the guy and had demanded for a specific amount of money from the guy to rent a room in Accra. It seems to be a huge sum, they never mentioned any amount though, yet I could sense so.

The girl I presume is dating the guy decided to steal a brown envelope from the guys bags. How I saw all these things will come later in my conclusion. In the envelope is a traveling passport, "A UK citizenship card, his house documents and some papers".

From how they were talking in my taxi, she wasn't the guys wife, she even said the guy has a wife in UK and that they only met when he arrived 2weeks ago and from UK. She also mentioned that he has done a lot for her since she met him. So I asked why repay that with this wickedness?

They are heading to Accra and the guy doesn't know she has taken the envelope. This guy according to them, is supposed to fly back by Friday or Monday, she said the guy hasn't been specific on the day he will fly back. "Two fake people they are".

I was patiently listening to them and she foolishly said, the envelope is in her bag's side pocket she said, the guy may not see her again because her original number, she hid from him and had been using the fake one to chat and talk with him since they met.

How wicked this girl could be. She said, if she gets to Accra, she will wait till Moro, if he calls to send her the money, she will decide to give him back his envelope or not. If he doesn't, she will burn it, after all, she can't read and don't know what is inside. All she knows is that the guy showed her his passport from that envelope.

At the bus terminal, I asked them to go for their tickets  while I remove their bags from the boot. I pulled the side zip of her bag and saw a brown envelope. I knew her bag cos they held their bags each when they stopped me.

Putting their bags down, I pretended I wanted to turn the car. Gradually I was moving forward and off I left them, forgetting to take my 40cedis. I will give him his papers through a very appropriate hand but he must pay me the fare.. The numbers on this documents ain't mtn or Vodafone or any local number, but on the envelope there is a number. I can clearly see only the first 4 digits, the rest I can't. But I will by all means find the lost man.


(Story shared by Kofi A Clement on TroTro Diaries Facebook group)

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04 jul

So you saying you did something bad for the write reason? Hmm!

Me gusta
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