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Airport Wahala

The day I will never forget!

As a first-timer traveling in the morning, my flight was 9 am. So I had to be at the airport as early as 5:40 am to avoid any wahala.

Around 8 before my flight, I felt hungry so I ordered hot milo tea and toasted bread with egg... in my mind, I thought it would be 20ghc p3. The guy brought the bill and it was 80ghc  all I was saying eiii eii yesu only tea and bread nu.

After tea paaa de3 I needed to drink cold water and a small bottle of water too was 10ghc so within a short period almost 100ghc was gone at Kotoka meanwhile I was not very full. I can't think far sef

Never again would I eat in any restaurant inside the airport. KIA!!!

First-timer traveler, if you are to travel I beg make your food or get it from the street in a bowl and chop it at the airport! It is allowed paaa before you also come and be screaming eiii eiiii yesu

(Shared by Ama Boatemaah Quinta on TroTro Diaries group)

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